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Teljes verzió: Many players prevent or mimic the defensive half of
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If you start playing with Madden NFL 21 using Face of the Franchise, as I believe many will, its extended, color-by-numbers onboarding gives the general game a half-assed initial impression. Or maybe Madden, such as the real life Celtics, has had its own plans changed -- if COVID-19, or even the development duties of a new console generation. I also spied a Mut 21 coins variety of rebounds, glitches, and freezes throughout my first sessions, but they seem to have been mostly cleared up with the match's day-one patch.

That being said, I discovered that the two areas that always appear to capture users of average skill outside -- defense and running the ball -- to be sharper and more practical than ever.

Many players prevent or mimic the defensive half of a single-player game, judging themselves to be more of a threat to their team than the AI. Others take a pass rusher and attempt to bull him through the line every moment, figuring is the simplest task, or even the one that causes the least harm if it's not executed well.

Playing a defensive back or a linebacker lurking in pass coverage is a whole lot easier now; I receive a callout of the receivers, or the parts of the field my player should be getting to, after the snap, as the drama is developing. It's as much an assist to players with low defensive skill as it is an encouragement to try new items.

However, for the defensive line (or using a pass-rushing linebacker), players get a compact action stick serving up context-appropriate moves to get through the blockers. The defense does not feel overpowered, though, partly because defenders really have to be in position to generate an effective handle, rather than simply be in the area and run into the ball carrier or press a button in time. Glancing blows result in stumbles and more powerful gains on a run between the tackles than I've ever seen before in Madden.

Likewise just focusing on wrapping a runner up and bringing down him pays higher dividends today, such that going for the big hit all the time (with the dip control, or the hit rod ) is very likely to extend another team's push even in the event that you make contact.

In the rushing game, I feel like every season Madden's developers tweak the game speed a two or three slower allowing players more time to spot holes in the blocking or create much better decisions about where to move. That is again the circumstance, but running backs get better, and more context-appropriate, evasive moves onto the right thumbstick. The blend of more deliberate speed and a compact skill stick makes it much easier for players to chain motions, such as a juke going into a stiff-arm if you are cheap Madden 21 coins dealing with numerous pursuers.