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Teljes verzió: So regardless of the increase in avaliability of rune stones
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Is that a fantastic thing? It is hard to say if the price of RS gold rune ore would plummet, seeing as though you will find far more rune rocks avaliable for free players to mine, I can not find that many free to perform having 85 mining and above merely to mine rune ore. If they're members, they've better rune places to mine at rather than the one in the mining guild.

So regardless of the increase in avaliability of rune stones, there's not enough people to make the most of it (imo) in order to cause that large a price reduction. The cost would likely drop with a k or two, but not just like a stone. In terms of the guild, idk about you, but it was already fairly crowded prior to the source dungeons upgrade. A great deal of coal rocks and a couple of miths made it popular with gamers who desired to superheat ores while mining, so I think that this update might add an average of a couple more folks to the guild.

Right... well I post a lot inquiring about what to do with balances and to be fair I just wish to train one account to be wealthy and have a high battle level, therefore I think its best if I just stick with ONE account. I have one which is level 78 that is my members accounts, this is my very first ever accounts, but he's poor (just has 2 mill). My goal's for this account was to find every skill to 70 however im not convinced, as I'd like also but I kinda caught up along with different accounts because im bored of doing one skill. (His skills are in my signature).

My Secondly account: I've set targets of attaining 40 assault, 60 strength, 70 range & magic. (Presently the account im training on). My Third accounts is a all around account, but its own battle skills around just around 30-40 for each one, but could be made better. My fourth account is a skiller. Not one of these are members aside the very first one I said about (the level 78). I'd love to boost my level 78 but im not sure what to train first for money for me started for getting all other skills to 70, but then again I would not mind training my pure accounts (the next one I mentioned about) but he needs to be improved so poorly! So what should I do?!

If you might have any gear that you desired, any type of cheap OSRS gold items in your invitory, and having the jobs which you want, what would they be? Most of us know (or suspect) that jagex is directing quest lines towards another god enemies, but no one is sure how they will bypass obstacles already put up in the narrative (namely the edicts of Guthix). What's your view on how they'll do this? Which god will begin it? That mahjrahart will grow to godhood?