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Teljes verzió: These concerns are for anybody who has finished Summer's End
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Given my OSRS GP levels and gear what's the ideal monster I could kill to get a good gain. Alrighty so I am just gont create one thread for all of the things I am wondering about, I checked all of the skill manuals and Q as and do not remember seeing these asked. If they had been I apologize. Firemaking/Cooking: Would better logs = less chance to burn things while cooking? Otherwise FM does nothing for f2p members... Mining: A lengthy time ago I heard a rumor that more power = quicker mining. Is this authentic? If it is can it be strength level, strength incentive, and/or strength prayer bonus? Great Orb Project: Ess received and crafted during match, experience affected by FoG runecrafting gloves or maybe not?

Stealing Creation: Is experience earned for collecting / making items in the sport or not any? Are there any boots or gloves offered for stealing creation? Player Tips: Joshpow - Don't use a controled assault if ur coaching, if a man uses any other assault he will have that stat quicker and consequently get others quicker. Why is this allowed to be a participant suggestion. Members: Agility: Should you become a member, and train this skill to say, 50, then unsubscribe, do you still get the agility bonus in f2p worlds or maybe not? Misc: Max coin or maximum coin stack, does this exist? And I believe these are all my queries. Thanks in advance for any answers you can provide, but I'm looking for details .

These concerns are for anybody who has finished Summer's End. I started the quest yesterdayand have gotten to the point of managing this Spirit Beast. Despite following guides and having good food and potions, I discover that somehow, I always end up screwing up when I'm attempting to get the 3 pyres from the cave lit, and have died repeatedly. . .is it assumed to require an obscene amount of trips to find this quest done?

I have been doing my best to see the monster and listen to the sounds that correspond with his attack, but always seem to run into trouble. I'm starting to become frustrated and am wondering just how much trouble this exploration caused all of youpersonally, or if neglecting this much at it's typical or I need to work more RS07 Gold on hitpoints (I am at 76 hp right now).