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Oryth is one of the major leading producers and marketers in hand dryer industry and Automatic Soap Dispensers since our foundation at year 2008, we have exported Commercial Hand Dryers and Automatic Soap Dispensers over 30 countries.
Factory has areas more than 4,800 square meters modernized workshops in High Tech industrial Zone (Xiamen, Fujian), 28 experienced staffs have monthly output more than 4, 000 pieces. The Commercial Hand Dryers and Automatic Soap Dispensers developed by our company are sold well through wholesalers, distributors and online shops all over the world.
Using advanced technology, elaborate, perfectly designed and developed new generation of "ORYTH" brand dual jet hand dryer and single jet hand dryer. The jet hand dryer using high-speed brushless DC motor, equipped with new electronic control system, quick-drying hands within a few seconds, changed the defect of conventional hand dryer's low efficiency, large energy consumption. The jet hand dryer adopts with new anti-bacterial materials at some important parts, clean and hygiene; the designs are innovative, elegant and beautiful.
Excellent products with exceeding expectations service make oryth build the widely international market and own lots of loyal customers by offering OEM/ODM services. And the company culture which is respect talents, encourage innovation and stress teamwork spirit make oryth keeping the core competitive advantages among the international brand products.wholesale extreme hand dryer
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