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Bio: Our History
NANTONG EVERLASTING FOODSTUFFS CO.,LTD. was founded in 2002, in order to meet the development needs, in the year 2008, 2010 the company with twice internal management reform upgrade, with a reasonable organizational structure and management business model.
Our Factory
NANTONG EVERLASTING FOODSTUFFS CO.,LTD. is located in the beautiful coast of the Yellow Sea, Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, Rudong County Bencha Tonw, is a professional food production enterprise, the products are exported to more than 50 overseas countries and regions. Main products with a variety of canned fruits and vegetables, is the only one covering all tank-type processing enterprise in East China.
Our Product
NANTONG EVERLASTING FOODSTUFFS CO.,LTD.Main products with a variety of canned fruits and vegetables , canned tomato paste , canned beans, canned red kidney beans , canned white kidney beans , canned green beans , canned chickpeas , canned baked beans with tomato sauce , canned green beans,could undertake all types of food empty cans processing.
Our products are widely used in food and beverage, family cooking, travel and many other areas, is a shining star in the field of agricultural products.
Our Certificate
We won the Secretary for ISO9001, ISO22000, QS, HACCP, FDA and a series of certificates, and access with its own brand 6969 registration certificate.
Production Equipment
Our company has two cans production line, which can produce different specifications of the empty cans; has four can filling production lines, and two kinds of packaging production lines.
Production Market
Our products are exported to more than 50 overseas countries and regions, mainly in the Arabic countries and African countries.
The annual output value of 10,000 tons, sales of 50 million RMB.
Our service
We warmly welcome the customers at home and abroad to visit and patronage,before sales to provide detailed product interpretation, sample testing, trademark design, to visit the factory;
We set the Secretary for strict control the product quality, custom needs, special post, to ensure that the product qualified rate;
After sales to provide sales promotion, promotional product customization, regular visits and so on.Bulk canned sweet peas
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