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Brief Introduction
Changzhou Hualun Tianye Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 2010, located in South Wujin District Changzhou,Jiangsu Province (south extension of Longjiang elevated road, Wujin exist of Jiang Yi high-speed), convenient transportation.
The factory has 2000 square meters of building.There are about 80 people in our factory , including 8 management and technical personnel.Our company is specializing in the production of USB series(including TYPE C, 8P and Micro data cable); HDMI/DVI HD digital, DisplayPort, RCA and other audio and video cable; special DC electronic wiring harness products.
Our company is for purpose of unity, truth-seeking, pioneering,excellence and see pragmatic development as our responsibility.We advocate "better, innovative" corporate culture, through the combination of production and research, to provide competitive advantage products to meet customer needs. Our product has UL and CE certification, not only get the support of old customers, but also be recognized by new customers, directly or indirectly to provide matching production for some domestic and foreign enterprises (HAMA and BelKin, etc.). Products are exported to Europe and the United States market.
CE CertificateUSB A To Micro Cable (double Sided) suppliers
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