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Bio: Production Description
Are you looking to buy a new towel set for your bathroom?
Are you wanting soft plushly material in addition to a nice look?
Can you imagine a lint free drying experience?
I am glad to inform you that for 30 years of practical experience, my factory can meet any inquiries of towels which you want.
We can make any kinds of yarns and cotton to be used for improved the towels for your target price or quanlity.
These towels are manufactured using natural materials. They are free from harmful chemicals and synthetic materials to ensure they are safe for you and your family.
When the first cleaning,there maybe a liitle floating hair,floating color.
Pls use three to four times higher than the water wash can be removed.
1. Best to be washed before use
2. Machine washable and dryable
3. Do not bleach
4. Do not Dry clean
ItemBathroom towel sets
Material100% cotton (In addition to embroidery pars)
Case pack1pc/ oppbag; 2 pcs/ oppbag
Weight550g/pc 95g/pc
UseDry your face and your body
Pcs of set4pcs (one larger pink towel, one larger grey towel, one smaller pink one, one smaller grey one)Bulk Set Towel
Sex: Undisclosed