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Four-axis Robotic Arm For Pallet Stacking.
The four-axis robotic arm for pallet stacking refers to loading and unloading parts, cases, bags or other stuff stacking on or remove from the pallets. We can find them in many industries include food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, beverage, brewing, electronics and etc.
Variety of gripping tools or devices to be alternative, bag grippers, suction and magnetic grippers. Through using the robotic arms you can increase the consistency of your loading and unloading processes.
The four-axis robotic arm for pallet stacking helped hundreds of factories to perfect their palletizing system.
Our services include training, commissioning and installation if necessary to ensure our clients can acquire the operation skill in a short time.
Parameters of Four-Axis Robotic Arm For Pallet Stacking.
Model number.JTRB-120
Power supply380V 50/60HZ 5.8kW
Suitable pallet sizesL 1200* W 1200
Stacking load120kg (include the gripping device)
Motion axis4 axis
Capacity1400 cartons/hr
Gripping deviceClamp plate, finger, sucking plate and others
Machine weight850 kg
Horizontal moving distance1600 mm
Vertical moving distance2400 mmRobot

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