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Various Caliber Sheep Casing
Product namesmall caliber sheep casing
Raw material OriginInner Mongoliar, Xinjiang,Gansu
gradeA,AB, BC
Min meters2m/+, 4m/+,7m/+
Hank length90-100meters
packageSalt: 90-100meters per hank
Tube: 180-200mts/hank
Barrel: 250hanks
20 container:72barrels
Storage temperature4-8℃
Life span2 years
MOQSample: 90meters, bulk production: 1000hanks
CertificateHACCP, HALAL

Product feature:
Fresh, green, health, natural raw material
Correct caliber, hand selection, no additive
Good taste, long storage, easier filling sausage
Cooked sausages: e.g. Wiener, Frankfurter
Fine grill sausages: e.g. Nürnberger
Raw sausages: e.g. Debreziner, Cabanossi
Sheep casings should be stored cool. +4°C to +8°C are ideal. All sheep casings are stored in brine or covered with salt and protected from light in closed containers.
Product proceed:
1.Clean sheep runner 2. select the caliber and quality 3.measure length and min meters 4. salt the casing 5. drain more brine overnight 6. put the casing into the barrel
quality standard :
Quality A: best texture, strong flexible, allow pin-holes, milk white
Quality AB: good texture, little veins,allow 2mm pin-holes
Quality BC: bad texture, no hard hole, allow 3mm holesVarious Caliber Sheep Casing

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