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low price Aramid Aromatic Polyamide Fiber Filter Bag
NOMEX/CONEX/Local made Aramid fiber and non-woven needled felt filtration material made of it
CompositionNOMEX(Aromatic polyamide)
Air Permeability(m3/m2/min)14~8
Tensile Strength(N/5×20cm)Warp>900
Tensile Elongation(%)Warp<35
Prohibited to use temperatureBelow the dew point
Working TemperatureContinuous<204
Finishing TreatmentSingeing, calendaring or Teflon coated etc.
Waterproof and oil-proof function of the non-woven needled felt product
In some of the working conditions, the water contains of the flue gas is high and the temperature of it is relative low. The humidity in the gas then turns to dew on the surface of the filtration bag. That often leads to the dust sticking on the surface of the bag and reduction of the filtration function. The waterproof and oil-proof function for the common needled felt material/bag are all not good. In order to prevent the above mentioned problem. We should apply the pos-treatment of dipping or surface coating of water-proof materials for the filtration material. The materials will have the function of waterproof and oil-proof function after the treatment and the size-fixing process under high temperature. The technology makes the filtration on bags having the same ideal performance even in the high humidity conditions.
Anyhow, the high humidity gas, especially the gas that contains water-absorbable dust, is easy to lead the dust sticking on the filtration bag. We recommend that the customers should choose the regular and simple round bag but not the flat bag with complex sharp and design. The working temperature of the dust catcher should be controlled to 10℃-20℃ higher that the dew point.
Polyester film coated needled felt
MaterialPolyester fiber
Polyester industrial filament base fabric
PTFE Microporous membrane
Filtration wind speed≤1m/min
Air Permeability(m3/m2/min)2-6m3/㎡.min
Bulk Density(g/m2)0.240g/㎡
Filtration precisionDust particle size≥5µm
Filtration efficiency100%
Tensile Strength(N/5×20cm)Warp>1000N/5×20㎝
Tensile Elongation(%)Warp<35%
Continuous Working Temperature130℃
Instantaneous Working Temperature150℃
Acid and alkali resistanceGood
Dust Stripping Rate(%)96.67%
Static Dust Catching Rate(%)99.965%
Dynamic Dust Catching Rate(%)99.999%
Dynamic Resistance(%)128Palow price Aramid Aromatic Polyamide Fiber Filter Bag

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