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Crystal Candle Holder
Product Description
Model No.A19-242StyleCandlestick
BrandAMITYColourGold + clear
SizeH: 40cmPlace of OriginZhejiang, CN
Packing, Deliver&Payment

The third characteristic of artificial crystal is its cleanliness and flawlessness. In addition to the top natural crystals that are clean and flawless, natural crystals often have inclusions and cotton, but artificial crystals are crystal clear. Some artificial crystals have bubbles or some solid impurities. Some artificial crystals often have triangle-shaped long tubular pores, and there are green or red powder in these pores. The characteristic of this kind of long tube is that they are arranged in parallel in one direction, the cross section is triangular, there are often uneven green or red powders distributed along the wall, the middle is often empty, and the end of the long tube has a tendency to become sharp. The real natural hair crystals are crystals containing minerals such as tourmaline, apatite, and rutile. Each of these minerals has its crystal form, such as the "scrabble" morphology of the apatite. They are wrapped in crystals, arranged randomly without direction, thick and slender short names, and often accompanied by inclusions and cotton inherent in natural crystals. The main difference between natural crystals and artificial crystals is that artificial crystals generally see bubbles under a magnifying glass, but natural crystals do not have air bubbles; there is always a trace of impurities in natural crystals, but artificial crystals appear dust-free and clean.Crystal Candle Holder

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