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Ozone Water Treatment For Swimming Pools manufacturers
As oxidant, disinfectant, cleaning agent and catalyst, ozone has been widely used in municipal water treatment, flue gas treatment, fine chemical oxidation, food and beverage industry, swimming pool disinfection, space disinfection, preservation, paper-making industry, packaging film, aquaculture industry and semiconductor cleaning, etc.
Ozone could remove toxic substances in the water, such as metal ions, organic toxicant, cyanide, sulfide and a variety of pesticides so that it can reduce the organic carcinogen in the water, such as halohydrocarbons, thus solving the problem of quality of drinking water. Ozone also can be used for fresh-keeping. It can effectively inhibit the respiration of fruit trees, slow down the metabolic process and inhibit the growth and spread of pathogenic bacteria, thereby play a important role in fresh-keeping and storage.
Key parts introduction for ozone generators:
Flat wave reactor
1. The reactor is divided into three-phase (AC input and output line reactor and filter wave reactor) and single phase (DC reactor or flat wave reactor is for dry iron core type);
2. The iron core is made of high-quality low loss silicon steel sheet; the column is made by multiple air gap with uniform pieces; the air gap uses glass cloth plates to ensure the air gap reactance does not change in operation process.
3. Use ventilation and dry type H-grade transformer; the coil is made of H grade insulation material; process with H grade paint vacuum impregnation--pre drying--heating curing, etc.;
4. Product voltage level is below 1kV;
5. The exposed parts are taken to anti-corrosion treatment;
6. Reactor with characteristics of explosion-proof, flame retardant, environmental pollution, maintenance free and so on.
Dry type air core reactor:
1.Use high-quality glass envelope coil winding; excellent electrical insulation properties.
2.All clamp surfaces are treated with electrostatic spray processing; high mechanical properties with safety and reliability.
3.Special specifications with high performance axial flow fan.
Product description
1.Coil is made with series or parallel structure according to requirements; use H-grade insulation material wire winding; production process with H-grade paint vacuum impregnation, pre drying, heating curing and other processes; excellent electrical insulation performance.
2.Product voltage level is below 1kV;
3.Good product linearity; strong anti-interference ability.
Comparison of traditional disinfection way and ozone disinfection way:
ItemOzone disinfectionChlorine disinfection
Disinfection effectLethal rateFast (300-3000 times than others)General effect
PathogenGood effectNo effect
Remove organism98%No effect
Remove color, bad smell and odorGood effectNo effect
Decomposition rate of humus95%No effect
Removal of iron and manganese ion100%No effect
Removal of chlorine ammonia and urea95% No effect
SafetyAffected by the flow of peopleUnaffected
Swimming pool environmentNo second pollution, no residue, fresh airToxic by-products, irritating odor in the air
Irritation to skin and eyeNoStimulus, lead to red eye and rash
Operating benefitsDisinfectant consumptionReduce more than 80% chlorine consumptionConsume more
Flocculant consumptionReduce more than 60% flocculantConsume more
Improve the filtration rateImprove more than 30%No
Reduce the amount of back flushingSave more than 50% waterNo
Electricity consumptionGeneralLess
Disinfection Process:
According to the technical rules for swimming pool disinfection, pool disinfection process is divided into full process mode and half process mode, both of them can be chosen according to the actual design requirements of disinfection. Generally speaking, ozone will be dosed into water by negative pressure way and then mixed with water by special mixer to reach the disinfection requirements by final reaction tank and ancillary facilities. (i.e., CT = 1.6).
Picture for full process mode and half process mode:
Quality certificate:
Our service:
As the leading ozone generator manufacturer in Asia and global ozone system supplier, Guolin has supplied more 2000 sets of ozone generator for over more than thousand customers at home and abroad, totally more than 12000kg/h ozone capacity. There are five service offices. Guolin brand ozone generator operating sites are all over China and exported to more than 20countries. Guolin has been supplying stable product and professional pre-sales, sales and after-sales service for customers.
Typical Project--Wahaha Group Co., Ltd. :
Wahaha Group Co., Ltd. was established in 1987 and has developed into beverage enterprise with largest scale and best benefits in China. The group has built 58 production bases and more than 150 branches in 29 provinces and cities across the country. Wahaha production process of pure water includes special qualified multilevel quartz sand filtration, high quality coconut shell activated carbon filtration, precision security filtering, first and secondary level reverse osmosis and eventually ozone sterilization for bottling. Ozone generator of Guolin has been used in many branches of Wahaha. Depending on the quality of water in different local places, ozone dosage quantity is 2-6g/ton.
Wahaha chose Guolin as long-term cooperation partner after comparison and Guolin has provided nearly 80 sets of ozone equipments.
Ozone Function:
In food and beverage and swimming pool industry, ozone is mainly used for disinfection in mineral water, pure water, swimming pool and food processing water, as well as high concentration ozonated water with 1-10ppm used in production equipment disinfection. After the decomposition, ozone is decomposed into oxygen, so it has no second pollution to food, beverage and swimming pool.Ozone Water Treatment For Swimming Pools manufacturers

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