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It has been the Madden 21 coins
It has been the Madden 21 coins exact same game for many years, only some years you drop attribute you had earlier.The NFL does not need to do. This is similar to asking BP to quit selling low tier gas because"it is dirtier" The NFL does not care about those matches. You are the dummies purchasing the games year after year. Stop asking"large corporate" to alter.

They do not care. They will take all money if it is dollar or 60. This video was just a bunch of complaining by someone who thinks he's much more important than he actually is. Along with his promise that a video game not fulfilling expectations is hurting the NFL's brand is
just too absurd to be taken seriously.

The NFL is the largest, most profitable sports league on the planet, so that I doubt they are worried about the impact some disappointed and entitled gamers will have on the league's brand.I zoned out half way through and arrived back about at the rant about how someone said his videos don't matter to the neighborhood. Yeah pretty much somebody who believes he's more important than he is.

I agree that the game is crap but this video is nearly as bad.I haven't paid for madden because 2010, this mindset only functions if a majority play together. At some point whales and people who don't care cover enough to buy Mut 21 coins drown out boycotts/criticisms.The people buying the matches did not click with this thread.And right after he says"I can not because I deleted Twitter".This guy's entire channel is a big EA hate boner.

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