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The best comments are shallow players of the game
I actually like the crafting system, but I know that some folks really don't enjoy it. I think the biggest complaint I've noticed is that golden tools have lost their prestige as they are no longer unbreakable like from the previous games. That's pretty much exactly what made them special, so it sounds a bit pointless to manage them, given that gold nuggets are a acbells rarer resource.

I believe a lot of dislike together with the crafting system isn't the crafting itself more like the lack of QOL stuff in it.

Oh yeah, I forgot about that! I have not played the game in a month or two, but I am surprised that eased my mind. Crafting fish bait was likely the worst offender.

I have been enjoying daily since launching. I love ACNH. The holidays are all exciting. My only gripe is the slow and apparently limited feed of things and DiY. I have yet to locate an ironwood dresser diy but I have a pile of mountain standees and straw hats.

The best comments are shallow players of the game. The dialogue is really pretty diverse, but it's doled out quite slowly. The first few interactions using a villager on daily will be the very same items, especially during this"story" bit of this match where you do the very same things every day just like chop wood.

Once the story is finished and the game goes into maintenance mode (such as every AC match does), it is absolutely enjoyable.

I got the game in May, I have built up around 230hrs on it and I'm still enjoying it.

I'm still developing my island too. I have not got a set idea of what I want to achieve with it, but since I run around sometimes I'll pick up an item which inspires a new idea for an empty space or I will see something in IRL that has the exact same impact.

Granted, there are a number of items I find time-consuming, but it is nothing others haven't discussed at length - quantities if buying/crafting, more variety of interaction with villagers - but those matters are not deal breakers for me.

Edit: I'll also add this is the buy Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells primary AC game I have playedwith.

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