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Milan will get a fresh name, a new crest and self-made kits in FIFA 23
Inter Milan has signed an exclusive partnership deal with Konami and eFootball, running the entirety of the 2022/2023 season, which means the Italian giant won’t officially feature in FIFA 23 – or anywhere else for that matter – for at least another year, and potentially beyond.

So what does that mean exactly? Well, if we have learned anything from the past, Inter Milan will get a fresh name, a new crest and self-made kits in FIFA 23. So Inter will become Milan FC or Calcio Inter, for example – EA Sports isn't that creative with the names.

Konami revealing a new deal with Inter that doesn't come into play for another two years appears to confirm if FIFA is looking for a new studio to make its games, that studio isn't going to be Konami. Odds are it probably wouldn't want Konami at the helm anyway. The initial launch of eFootball went so badly that it was effectively scrapped and Konami started again from scratch earlier this year.

As part of the partnership deal, Konami has also gained the rights to display the eFootball logo on the reverse of both the Inter men’s and women’s trainings kits, and has the privilege of temporarily rebranding Inter’s training ground – the Konami Youth Development Centre in Memory of Giacinto Facchetti is named for the legendary Italian left-back, who died in 2006.

However, it is quite likely that the two parties will cooperate beyond that. The club has already announced on its website that the eFootball logo will also be visible after the current season. We don't really need to tell you, but this is already enough evidence pointing towards a longer-term partnership.

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